Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Part 6

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Who is the Queen's representative in Canada?

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Which province is the only officially bilingual province?

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How many judges serve in the Supreme Court of Canada?

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What are the two principles upon which Canada is founded?

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For how long was the title "Dominion of Canada" officially used?

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Who are the Acadians?

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Who started the Marathon of Hope?

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Who is considered Canada's greatest soldier?

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Who in 1864 suggested the name "Dominion of Canada"?

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What was the main trade of the first companies formed in Canada?

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What designs are on a 25 cents (Quarter)?

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What percentage of Aboriginal people are First Nations?

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Give an example of where English and French have equal status in Canada?

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In the early days, what form of transportation did Aboriginal peoples and fur traders use?

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What is the Queen's representative in the Territories called?

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British Columbia is known as Canada’s Pacific Gateway because?

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Name the five regions of Canada?

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Which region of Canada is known for both its fertile agricultural land and valuable energy resources?

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Who has the right to run as a candidate in federal elections?

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Who was Sir Sam Steele?

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Free Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Online 2023
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Free Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Online 2023

Discover Canada – The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Free Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Online 2023

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Frequently Asked Questions about Canadian Citizenship Test

The Canadian Citizenship Test is a test that assesses an individual’s knowledge of Canadian laws, society, and values. It is required for those applying for Canadian citizenship.

The questions on the test cover various aspects of Canadian life, including its history, geography, government and politics, economy, and cultural diversity.

The test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, and the applicant must answer at least 15 of them correctly to pass.

Yes, the test is available in multiple languages, including English and French.

The passing grade for the test is 75%, meaning the applicant must answer at least 15 of the 20 questions correctly.

Yes, there is 30 minutes long time limit for the test.

Yes, the test can be retaken if the applicant fails. There is no limit to the number of times the test can be taken.

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What’s on the test

The test shows us what you know about Canada. We’ll ask you 20 questions about the rights and responsibilities of Canadians and Canada’s:

Study for the test

Use our official study guide, Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, to study for your test. You can start studying for the test at any time.Canadian Citizenship

The official study guide is always free. The guide is available in multiple formats. You can choose to:Canadian Citizenship

Taking the test

The test is:

  • in English or French
  • 30 minutes long
  • 20 questions
  • multiple-choice and true or false questions

You need to get 15 correct answers to pass the test.

Your test is usually written but may be oral. A citizenship official may decide on test day that you will have an oral test instead of a written one. We base the type of test on a number of things. Canadian Citizenship For example, if you have trouble reading and writing in English or French, you’ll have an oral test. Canadian Citizenship An oral test is given by a citizenship official at a hearing.

What happens if you don’t pass your first test

If you don’t pass your first written test, Canadian Citizenship but meet the other requirements for citizenship, we will schedule you for a second test. The second test usually takes place 4 to 8 weeks after the first test, but it may be longer.

If you don’t pass your second test, we’ll send you a notice telling you to attend a hearing with a citizenship official. The hearing: Canadian Citizenship

  • will last 30 to 90 minutes
  • may be in person or by videoconference
  • may be used to assess one or more requirements for citizenship, for example:
    • knowledge of Canada
    • language

If you don’t pass the test after 3 tries, we’ll refuse your application. You can re-apply to try again Canadian Citizenship


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